Intro to ABA


What is ABA therapy?

It is a typical afternoon at my house. We are in the middle of ABA therapy with Silas and his therapist. There is also a new therapist shadowing his current one. So, there are two people in my house, other than my family, roaming around from room to room following Silas’ mad dashes to escape. The doorbell rings and I of course open the door to answer it. A guy is standing there nicely dressed with a briefcase and a badge clipped on his shirt that says “Learning A.R.T.S.” Apparently, our case worker forgot to let me know that there would be someone else coming today…great. He tends to do this often. Now, there are three people.

I am not a people person and I especially do not enjoy letting people I do not know into my home. Most of all I do not like these people playing with my son and trying to get him to “work”. Just about every day of the week I open my home to these therapists for Silas. I know the company that hired these people did a background check and fully trust these individuals, but it is still ever-present in my mind that I do not know what these people are thinking or capable of. This may just be the paranoid mother in me though. I am like that creepy nerd from “Hey Arnold!” staring at them when they are not looking. A force to be reckoned with at all times during the three hour therapy sessions…watching from the side like a hawk. Waiting…haha okay now I sound crazy. Ain’t nobody scared of someone my size…12 year old girls are not scary. It is really strange though to have someone else in your home every day.

Currently, the therapists are still trying to slowly build rapport with Silas so that he will quit running from them and ignoring them. I cannot help but find it amusing when I hear Silas go running down the hallway and a few seconds later there is a train of people following him. Sometimes I think he does it just to see if they will come because he stands at the end of the hall with his head poked around the corner watching for them to come. He plays a good game and is hard to get.

Today I thought I was going to lose my mind. Silas had an attitude with the therapists and decided that he was not going to do anything they asked or said. Just because Silas does not want to do what they ask does not mean they will not ask…50 thousand times! Every time they would ask Silas a question he would throw a tantrum. Rolling on the floor kicking and screaming, crying and just being ridiculous. There was absolutely no point in all of this because he is fully capable of doing what they asked. He was just being a little shit about it. I do not normally refer to him as a little shit…but honestly, that is exactly what he was being.

After listening to him be a maniac for 10 straight minutes I walked to his bedroom door where they were all at and cleared my throat. Silas immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at me. I just stared back with a look of death and he smiled innocently at me. Ugh! Then I went about my business. A few minutes later it started back up again. I hate days when Silas does not want to participate because he has this really high-pitched squeal that he does which drives me nuts. It is obvious he is smarter than he is letting on.

Silas is in the mindset that he runs the show. He has figured out that if he ignores us all eventually we will give up. And boy, he has some mad skills when it comes to ignoring us. I will squat in front of him and put my face directly in front of his face. He successfully looks past my head every single time. It does not matter what I am saying because he has tuned me out. I put my hands with his and place them on both of our faces as his therapist suggested…nothing. It is like I am not even there when he does not want to listen. I know he hears me though. He is not deaf, merely stubborn. Silas does get that honestly.

Eventually, the therapists give up trying to get him to do the activity he was so insistent on not doing. They move on to trying to get him to copy a 3D structure of blocks. All he has to do is place the same colored block on top of the other colored block just like the therapist did. I absolutely know for a fact that he can do this. I stand in the kitchen watching the therapists try to get Silas to do this task. I am quietly dying from laughter. Silas is such a terd! He was throwing the blocks and saying “uh oh!” trying to be cute to get out of working for them. One of the therapists asks me if he can do hand-over-hand…my response, go for it!

Even while the therapist had his hand on Silas’ hand, Silas still somehow managed to avoid stacking the blocks. That is quite impressive because the therapist is a big ole dude. The session continued on with Silas being…well Silas. He does some pretty hilarious things during the sessions. I am going to start writing about those as they happen so that I can look back on things and see how he is progressing. 



To view more information about the company that provides Silas’ services click here.


About Tomonica

Hi, I'm Silas' mom and this blog is simply to document our journey with autism. There will be topics such as how our journey began, what certain aspects of autism are, therapies, successes and failures, as well as sometimes just my craziness. I hope you enjoy reading this and perhaps learn something useful.

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  1. Yes this sounds just like Silas. I have seen him with blocks months ago and I know he is a pro at this….And yes, he gets it honestly.:)

  2. Writing about this is so incredibly informative for us not to mention therapeutic for you! Give Silas a hug from AM!

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