One Step at a Time

How do you explain in simple terms to a 3-year-old why your kid does not talk to them? I was faced with that yesterday. I was picking up Silas from daycare and one of the other little boys asked why Silas does not talk. He said, “All of the other kids talk but not Silas.” I thought about it for a moment and responded, “Maybe he just doesn’t have anything to say. He knows how to talk but I think he just chooses not to.”  At that moment Silas spoke up and said he was ready to go bye-bye. I smiled at the little boy, “See?”

Moments like this remind me I will be faced with difficult questions more and more often as Silas gets older. It is not always easy to find the positive in all situations but that is what must be done. I do not look at my child as being disabled in any sort of way. On the contrary, he is exceptionally gifted. His intelligence is actually quite amazing. Silas is focused, driven, gentle, loving, and so much more.

Some of his quirks may make him difficult to handle at times but those are the times when I actually learn the most from him. Silas helps me see life in a different way and I am eternally grateful for that. He has greatly enhanced the quality of my life in every way possible. I now enjoy more of the small moments rather than focusing on the big picture. I am now more determined and focused on getting the best for him, my husband, and myself because I have battled against Silas’ determination and will power. I am more creative at finding solutions and alternate ways of approaching situations. Being a family on the spectrum has not diminished the quality of our lives. Instead, we are advancing each and every day one step at a time. 



About Tomonica

Hi, I'm Silas' mom and this blog is simply to document our journey with autism. There will be topics such as how our journey began, what certain aspects of autism are, therapies, successes and failures, as well as sometimes just my craziness. I hope you enjoy reading this and perhaps learn something useful.

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  1. One step at a time. Good advice for all of us on our journey here. I love how God is guiding you and providing wisdom and discernment and joy as you and Robert grow with Silas. So incredibly proud of you all and am learning so much from a distance… 😉 Love you all very much!

  2. As always such an amazing insite to some of the situations you and Robert and Silas have to deal with everyday in a different way. I have seen your struggles and accomplishments and know there will be more accomplishments every day as he is always learning and experiment with new things. You and Robert just need to learn to “Keep UP” Love as always … to the moon and back….MOM

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