hi-my-name-isFamily Visit

Over the past two weeks, Silas has not had any ABA therapy sessions. This is due to my mom, aunt, and both nephews coming for a visit and then Silas got an ear infection in both ears plus a terrible cold.

Before my family members arrived, I had the therapists help me work with Silas so that he could identify all of our family. I printed out pictures of each of them then we ran the cards with his PECS program. I worked with some social stories to help Silas understand that he would have some visitors coming into his home and space. When everyone arrived I was not sure how Silas would react. The first ones in the door were my two nephews. I said hi + names and Silas repeated me without yelling and running to his room. Hooray!

Silas did exceptionally well the entire visit. He was thrown out of his normal routine and had different people around him 24/7 and it did not even seem to faze him. Overall, he interacted and played with everyone with almost no problems at all. I was super proud of him.

Back to Therapy

This week we have resumed therapy and so far it has gone alright so far. Silas is being stubborn and not wanting to do certain programs. He thinks that if he keeps running to his room and laying on his bed or the floor that he will not have to do his work. I ended up having to shut all of the bedroom and bathroom doors so he cannot escape the therapists. Plus I got tired of having to go pick him up and bring him back. We know that he can do everything that is being asked of him so he cannot get away with not doing things. My patience level is running low though because of the whining and screaming. I can understand where he is coming from though because I would not want to have to come home and be commanded and directed to do things. Hopefully the rest of the week goes well. We shall see.


On a different note, Robert and I visited the school offering to enroll Silas a few weeks ago. I was pretty impressed with the layout and overall impression of the main teacher. I think that going to school in this type of setting would be very beneficial for Silas. The classroom is designed specifically for special needs children, ranging from children on the spectrum to other disorders and disabilities. The staff are the best trained in the district and have loads of experience.

The school is offering Silas a class from 12:00-3:00 Monday thru Friday. I think I may be able to make this work with our schedules depending on if I am allowed to change the hours I work. My idea is that I will work the hours of 1:00 pm- 10:00 pm. This is eight hours with an hour for lunch. Working these hours would not only work for Silas to go to school but my superiors would be able to get more out of me because I would be working a full day instead of leaving after lunch like I do now for therapy.

So, if I am allowed to do that I would pull Silas out of his current daycare (which costs $155 per week) and he would stay home with me in the mornings. I would drop him off at school at 12:00 and go into work. Robert gets out of class at 2:30 pm and could pick Silas up from school. Then they do ABA therapy and whatever else. In my mind, this sounds like a plan. Only to put that into action! I am super excited and really hope that we can all make this work out.



About Tomonica

Hi, I'm Silas' mom and this blog is simply to document our journey with autism. There will be topics such as how our journey began, what certain aspects of autism are, therapies, successes and failures, as well as sometimes just my craziness. I hope you enjoy reading this and perhaps learn something useful.

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  1. Fun times ahead for you guys!! God has a plan for Silas
    and will work it for his good!

  2. Julila Deville

    He did awesome when we were there as I know he will “Ace” these next “adventures” he is about to take on. He is a strong willed little boy as he takes after his parents….Trust that he will make the next few months in an easy stride…:)

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