Monthly Archives: October 2014

Good Day

Today was a fun and relaxing day for Silas. Despite having a cold, he was in a great mood. It has been raining here all day which is unusual considering we are going through a drought. When I realized that it was pouring outside I opened the window so that Silas could see it. He stood in front of the window flapping with excitement. I had forgotten how long it has been since he had seen rain. We put on our jackets and went outside to take it all in.

Silas sat in my lap on the front porch watching the rain for about 30 minutes until it stopped. We talked about all the things we saw and he repeated everything I named. I brought out his little chairs from his table and we ate a snack while the rain picked up again. We played cars and even went into the rain for a second. Silas wasn’t too fond of the cold rain which was hilarious watching him run from it. We stayed outside for about a total of 2 hours.

I really like the fact that he enjoyed being outside and did not want to go in the house. Usually it is a fight to get him to do anything outside other than jumping on the trampoline, which is why we went out the front door.

Tonight he surprised me again by taking a bath with me. When Silas was little he used to take baths but ever since we moved into the house we are in now he has always taken showers. Not quite sure why that is but tonight he decided to try it out with me again, At first he was pretty unsure about the whole thing and sat on my lap. Daddy brought us Captain Hook and Spider Man who were then repeatedly thrown into the deep end of the tub. I did the voices of them begging not to be thrown and then screaming while they sank. This ended up being pretty amusing for Silas and I was able to slowly move him into the tub so that he was sitting by himself. By the end of the bath I had to tell Silas it was time for him to get out and pull the plug since he kept saying he didn’t want to get out.

Every day he surprises me more and more with the little things he does.


Road Trip

Friday we decided to go on a road trip since Silas was out of school, I was off work, and Daddy didn’t have class. Our original destination was Jackson State Forest. Since the travel time was 3hr 15 mins one way I was unsure of how Silas would do since it had been forever since we took a long trip. The last one we went on was when we moved from Louisiana to California back in 2011. We got up, did the things we had to do, and left the house at about 11:30. To our surprise, Silas did fantastic on the drive.
First, we stopped at Clear Lake to stretch and get some built up energy out.




Silas really liked being able to walk down by the water and sit on the large rocks.Plus he just looked super cute doing it!

Then we got back on the road. Ironically, the GPS took us to an unexpected destination….California State Penitentiary.

We 1391474_10202835156699344_665658446675697459_nwere technicially at the Jackson State Forest…10704129_10202835156819347_4689536749975672881_n

but not where we intended to end up! We took advantage of the location we stopped at and snapped a few pictures of us by the redwoods. Then, back in the truck we went down super curvy, sloped roads leaving the mountain range. We decided since we were already so close we would head to Fort Bragg, CA. Little did we know, we were only about 30 minutes away. Once we got to Fort Bragg, we saw a sign that said Coastal Ocean View and we took it. We ended up finding a beautiful, peaceful sight.


Silas absolutely loved the ocean and was extremely quiet as he was taking it all in. He told us he did not want to go bye bye which was super cute!


We had an amazing time and was so impressed with how well Silas did with the trip. He enjoyed sitting in the truck just looking out the window at everything. We brought his iPad and he barely played with it at all the entire trip.

Don’t be afraid to take your kiddo(s) on long trips…they may just surprise you!!