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Potty Update

We began potty training not too long ago. Silas learned what he is supposed to do quite quickly, but he learned how to get out of doing it even faster. He is so in the routine of having a diaper and will do whatever it takes to get one. He has figured out that if he says he needs to poo poo that he will get one. He is taking Miralax for constipation which makes his BMs quite runny. I made the mistake a few times of leaving him in underwear and that was a terrible experience for both of us. Plus, he refuses to poop on the potty.

Now, just to get out of his underwear he will say he needs to go pee pee so that he can take the underwear off (he is a stripper for using the bathroom). He is too smart for his own good. He has tricked me a few times when he said he needed to poo and then immediately filled up his diaper with pee.

Over the past few days he has been fighting pretty hard to not wear underwear. It’s a battle of the will power now. He thinks that if he brings a diaper to one of us that he will get to wear it so I have had to put them somewhere he cannot reach them. The child is so persistent.


The first day I sent him to school in his underwear he held it the entire time he was there. That’s over 3 hours! Child has amazing bladder control. As soon as he got home he ran to the bathroom and peed for ages. I figured out what the issue was when I made an appearance at the end of his school day. It was the toilet they use. He is used to having it a certain way at home so I brought up his seat for them to keep there. Also, at home we let him have his privacy. At the school, someone was sitting directly in front of him. I know I wouldn’t like that when I was trying to go. Once they stepped outside the door and he had his seat then he was successful! Woot! Woot! Hopefully that continues to improve.


Potty Time


In our household we have begun the fun period of potty training! Silas is almost 4 (2 weeks!) and is showing all the signs and interest in using the potty. I have been talking about this with his therapy team for some time now. We formulated a plan, rewards, and reenforcers for all the different aspects of going potty. Last weekend, I decided it was time to start.

The first day actually went really well. He didn’t seem to mind sitting on the potty. Each time we went, which was every 30 minutes, he would sit for about 3-5 minutes. For some strange reason he thinks he needs to get naked from the waist down to sit on there but whatever works for him is fine with me. We pulled out some fun books and the dry erase board to keep us entertained while we sat in there. Throughout the day I was peed on multiple times, my floors got mopped, and carpets scrubbed. I changed two bowel movements, which were utterly disgusting since he takes Miralax so it was super stinky and runny. Overall though, he didn’t hide from me near as much when he needed to pee since he figured out really quickly he didn’t like having wet underwear. At the beginning I thought to myself, wow…this may actually be easier and go faster than I thought it would.

The first day of therapy of the week, one of his therapists was sitting in there and started excitedly yelling for me to come in there. She said “Tomonica, Silas is peeing in the potty!” I listened for a second and started laughing. It wasn’t Silas peeing, it was the toilet making sounds. When I told her this it looked like someone had just crushed all of her hopes and dreams.

I sure am glad we thought to include the potty icon on his schedule. He is a very visual learner and really enjoys being able to add and remove icons on his schedule. Plus it helps him know what is up next so he has time to mentally prepare. He thinks he is sneaky though. When he thought we weren’t paying attention he would remove his potty icon from the schedule and put his iPad icon in its place.

We have had a few successes so far. The first time he peed while sitting on the potty his face was priceless. He looked about like this…


We were so happy and were also dying from laughter. He was holding onto the handles on his potty seat looking confused as hell. Total so far, we have had 3 pee successes. And you know what…he could care less. Silas shows absolutely no excitement at all. He is happy, but not about peeing, it’s about him being done sitting on the damn toilet. He has begun saying bye bye to underwear and even taking them off. Then he will ask for a diaper so that he can pee or poop in it. Yeah, I knew it couldn’t be that easy.

Silas is very set in his routines. In his mind, he has peed and pooped in diapers for the past 4 years so why change that now? Plus, it is not cool when he pees and ends up stepping in it. He gets very upset. I would think that this would be more motivation for him to go sit down and piss in the toilet but nooooooo we can’t do that. He ignores the social stories and every other attempt at convincing him to use the toilet. I broke down and let him have his iPad while sitting there. That worked but I can’t let him have it every time we go in there because he will think he gets to keep it and momma don’t let that fly. Oh look, it’s time to go sit on the potty….