Potty Update

We began potty training not too long ago. Silas learned what he is supposed to do quite quickly, but he learned how to get out of doing it even faster. He is so in the routine of having a diaper and will do whatever it takes to get one. He has figured out that if he says he needs to poo poo that he will get one. He is taking Miralax for constipation which makes his BMs quite runny. I made the mistake a few times of leaving him in underwear and that was a terrible experience for both of us. Plus, he refuses to poop on the potty.

Now, just to get out of his underwear he will say he needs to go pee pee so that he can take the underwear off (he is a stripper for using the bathroom). He is too smart for his own good. He has tricked me a few times when he said he needed to poo and then immediately filled up his diaper with pee.

Over the past few days he has been fighting pretty hard to not wear underwear. It’s a battle of the will power now. He thinks that if he brings a diaper to one of us that he will get to wear it so I have had to put them somewhere he cannot reach them. The child is so persistent.


The first day I sent him to school in his underwear he held it the entire time he was there. That’s over 3 hours! Child has amazing bladder control. As soon as he got home he ran to the bathroom and peed for ages. I figured out what the issue was when I made an appearance at the end of his school day. It was the toilet they use. He is used to having it a certain way at home so I brought up his seat for them to keep there. Also, at home we let him have his privacy. At the school, someone was sitting directly in front of him. I know I wouldn’t like that when I was trying to go. Once they stepped outside the door and he had his seat then he was successful! Woot! Woot! Hopefully that continues to improve.


About Tomonica

Hi, I'm Silas' mom and this blog is simply to document our journey with autism. There will be topics such as how our journey began, what certain aspects of autism are, therapies, successes and failures, as well as sometimes just my craziness. I hope you enjoy reading this and perhaps learn something useful.

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  1. He will eventually learn he can only get away with things for a “short” time. Mom catches on real quick….This just goes to show how smart he really is. My fingers crossed for success!!!!

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