Hi all, this blog is dedicated to documenting our journey with autism. “Our” includes Robert (daddy), Silas, and Tomonica (myself).


Silas is currently 4 years old. If you see my “Evaluation Day” post you will be able to read details about Silas’ actual diagnosis. In short, he is on the autism spectrum. There will be posts on topics that are important to me such as how this all began for our family, what therapies we have/are trying, issues going on, successes/failures, and much more. This blog was started for myself as a therapeutic way for me to digest everything that has happened and is currently going on. It has since turned into a way for people to read, learn and share information about autism as well as other issues. Another benefit I have found from this blog is that people have reached out to me and told me their stories. I have been inspired from others and found out what they have tried. Overall so far, this has been a rewarding experience for me and I hope the same applies to you.

  1. I have an eight year old son with severe Autism as well as other complex issues. I very much look forward to connecting with people such as yourself and learning how we can all get through this journey together. Great blog! 🙂

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